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Wheaton Mobile Locksmith in Wheaton, IL: Transponder Keys, Problems

Transponder keys are one of the newer types of keys that come with vehicles. They are great for offering added security to your vehicle. However, there is a lot about transponder keys that you may not know.

As a locksmith company, we have many customers come to us with transponder key issues. The problems vary so much and often leaves car owners confused, frustrated and even annoyed. However, we handle all types of transponder keys here at Wheaton Mobile Locksmith in Wheaton, IL. If you have a problem with your transponder key, make sure you give us a visit.

Let’s Get to Know Some More About Transponder Keys

Transponder keys are a more secure way of starting your vehicle. The key has a little chip in it that transmits a signal to the vehicle’s computer. If this signal is not sent or received, the vehicle won’t start. This is what makes these types of keys so great at enhancing security. Gone are the days when thieves could easily hotwire a car.

Transponder keys often look like a regular key. In fact, the only thing that usually distinguishes the key is the fact that there is a transponder chip inside it. Many transponder keys may be mistaken for regular car keys. That’s how similar they often look! Although this difference seems to be very small, it makes a world of difference between the two keys.

What Can Go Wrong with Transponder Keys?

Transponder keys sound amazing, right? They really are. But, there are several problems that you can encounter with them. Here are some of the most common situations that you may end up experiencing.

  • Your transponder key gets stuck in the ignition

    Remember, transponder keys are not invincible. They are prone to all the damages and unfortunate incidences that you can experience with a regular key. So, one of the things that may happen to you is that it gets stuck in the ignition. If it does happen to you, make sure that you do not panic. It is always best to stay calm in situations like these. It will help you to think much more clearly so you can figure out the best course of action to take.

    If you believe that your key is stuck, do not try to yank it out of the ignition, you may worsen the problem. Just do a few checks to make sure that it is truly stuck before you call for help. Make sure you are in the correct gear, check the position of your steering wheel and make sure that you have done any other safety check that your vehicle has. Sometimes you will be able to get the key out of the ignition. But, if it is really stuck, make sure you call on a reliable locksmith to help.

  • The transponder key breaks

    There are many ways that you can break your key. However, make sure that you do not break it because you were using the key to perform tasks such as open bottles, boxes etc. In fact, it is never good to use your key for any task other than those that it is meant to perform. Once you use your key otherwise, you may make it more susceptible to breakage. Plus, you may damage the ridges of the key so it becomes useless after a while.

  • The transponder chip falls out

    If you tend to drop your keys a lot, this may end up happening to you. Many persons who have had their chip fall out, lost it because the key fell. If your key falls and comes apart, make sure that the chip is inside when you are putting it all back together. Remember, the key needs the chip so you can start your vehicle. Although you may use the key to open the trunk and doors of the vehicle, you won’t be able to get it started.

  • You lose your transponder key

    No matter who you are or how careful you are, you can lose your car key at some point in time. Maybe it hasn’t happened to you yet and we hope it won’t. But, it is something that has happened to many persons before. When it comes on to transponder keys, the situation may seem a bit more serious. Why? Transponder keys are not as cheap to duplicate, make or copy. In fact, if you lose your transponder key and you are not able to find it, be prepared to spend as much as a few hundred dollars.

    Why does it have to cost so much? transponder keys are made so they are very hard to duplicate. It is a safety feature of these types of keys. What that means however, is that they require special skills and machinery to make. Of course, this means more expense. Try as hard as you can not to lose your transponder key. You will save yourself a lot of money.

  • The transponder key stops working

    Transponder keys have to be programmed with your vehicle in order to work. Sometimes, the key needs to be reprogrammed so it may seem like it has stopped working. If you didn’t drop your key and there is no other damage to the key, once you realize that it is not working, it may be a simple fix. Some keys are easy to reprogram so you can do it yourself. Others are more difficult and may require professional assistance.

    If reprogramming is not your issue, you may just have dead batteries. Yes, transponder keys often have batteries in them. Once you replace those dead batteries, your keys should be functional again.

What to Do If You Have a Problem with Your Transponder Key?

No matter what has gone wrong with your transponder key, there is a solution to get it working again. If you need an affordable place to resolve issues with your transponder keys, call us at Wheaton Mobile Locksmith in Wheaton, IL. Not in Wheaton? We wish we could help! But, we are sure that you have a locksmith in your neck of the woods that is capable of handling your transponder key issues.